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Our Wedding ::: PT 1

It has been almost 3 months since our perfect wedding day. I used to hear people talk about their wedding and how they missed it and I never quite understood that; until now. Our wedding day (and whole weekend) was an incredible, life changing, and special time. I honestly don’t have words to describe it. I have never felt so much joy and peace and love before and it was amazing. That day meant so much and represented the beginning of this crazy, wonderful journey of marriage. I thought it would be fun to blog a little bit about our wedding and some behind the scenes info on things! It is going to be difficult because I love ALL of our photos and just want to share them all haha! We had an incredible photographer (Jessica Lauren) and I will be doing a post about our vendors too!! So grab a hot drink and get cozy because I have so much to share!

Our wedding weekend was in Benton Harbor, Michigan. We rented an Airbnb for the girls to stay in and a family member was so gracious to let the guys rent their lakehouse! It was the perfect set up and we had a BLAST going up a few days early with our bridal party.

Some of my details:)

Our invites were simple; a design from Etsy and printed through Vistaprint! I loved how it had some of our colors and fall theme included. My dress was from David’s Bridal! Dress shopping wasn’t my favorite part of planning but I went into the store wanting this dress and it was the one that we all loved! And it was on clearance 😉

The morning of I loved having all of my girls around me. I felt amazing most of the morning with no nerves until randomly I felt really sick to my stomach and couldn’t believe it was actually my wedding day. Thankfully my girls put on worship music and read me punny jokes to calm me down.


Speaking of puns, my amazing husband knew that I might be nervous and had letters for me and gifts all morning. Gosh I loved how he took care of me even when we were apart. These letters were really sweet and each had a pun to make me laugh. He is amazing:)

I got these shirts from Target as bridesmaid gifts! It is fun to see them still wear them today!2017-01-23_0009.jpg

Here are some of Josh’s details. You know he couldn’t live without his Apple watch on the wedding day. Thankfully the colors matched:)

His best man, Craig, helped him get ready!

So handsome!

Then it was time to get dressed at the venue!

Then I had my final gift, which had me dying of laughter.2017-01-23_0014.jpg

He gifted me the most beautiful earrings!

One of my favorite parts of the day was our first look! It was such an intimate moment and felt so good to see each other and have that between us.

I loved his reaction! My sweet man had lots of tears!2017-01-23_0020.jpg

We also chose to do things a little differently and wrote our vows to read during the first look. These were promises to each other and didn’t want the pressure of having perfect words in front of everyone.2017-01-23_0021.jpg

Then we had our portraits. The colors were a gift from the Lord and all that I could have dreamed of!!2017-01-23_0026.jpg

Our bridal party looked so good! It was so special to be surrounded by people who have impacted us and helped shape our relationship!

I was pretty easy with the bridesmaid dresses and told them to pick any dress as long as it was navy. They looked so beautiful together! I love how a lot had lace detail and they didn’t even try to match it!2017-01-23_0037.jpg
Check out part 2 tomorrow! Our ceremony was memorable partly because Josh cried and I just couldn’t stop smiling. Normally I am the crier!

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